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Jim enjoys regularly donating to various animal organizations and charities near and dear to him. One specific group is Feral Cats New Glasgow, in partnership with the MacGillivray Law Cat Sanctuary.

Feral Cats New Glasgow aims to foster and curb our town’s feral cat population through a trap-neuter and return program.

Unfortunately, not all cats have adequate shelter and loving owners to take care of them. Over several years, a colony of feral cats formed near the MacGillivray Law New Glasgow office. They lived in a dilapidated building which has since been demolished, leaving the cats homeless.

This was the impetus behind the MacGillivray Law Riverfront Cat Sanctuary. The sanctuary is a 20’ x 10’ tiny home, surrounded by a protective fence and outfitted with sleeping ledges, scratching posts, and outdoor play structures.

The MacGillivray Law Riverfront Cat Sanctuary is in partnership with Feral Cats – New Glasgow, a group of dedicated volunteers who take care of the cats, including feeding and neutering them. Without the efforts of these volunteers, the cat sanctuary would not be possible.

Donations can be made to Feral Cats New Glasgow via E-Transfer to feralcatsnewglasgow@gmail.com

note: The charity is unable to issue tax receipts for donations made

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